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Taoist Arts Organization
To learn, teach and spread the Taoist Arts. "May your path rise to meet you."

Caitlin Ryan Photography
Talented photographer who did Rubytone's lookbook

Tiffany Pilgrim
Awesome graphic designer by day, rock the dancefloor dj by night Miss Krunk Pony

Love Brigade
"Musically-charged" fashion label representing the ideal of a fashion, music, and love co-existence

Music artist - 'goodie goodie gum drops, the fun never stops'

Harlan Bel by Brandy Lunsford
'Where chic structure meets flirtatious sophistication, cool confidence and carefree beauty'

Box 185
Custom made, one of a kind, wicked pieces of clothing and accessories

Angel D'Amico Illustration & Design
Amazing illustrator and graphic designer (and illustrated my koi fish tattoo!)

New York Couture
A harmonious blend of punk-rock cool, ultra-glam and prima ballerina

Third Earth Designs
Reduce. reuse. couture.

Meghan Petersen Photography
Sweet photographer who shot the beautiful photo on the pH home page

Michael Gross Photography
Wonderful photographer who shot the pH Spring '07 lookbook

Cindy Ormondroyd Retouching
High-end photography retouching to make you look absolutely flawless

Thuss Farrell - Photography and Design
Uber-talented multi-media creative duo

Apparatus Recordings
Sick drum and bass producers/djs Stereo Storm Trooper and Glitch

Anthony Velarde
Awesome techno/house/tribal dj/producer