Downs is the visionary force behind her lines, with a dream that follows three passions of hers: fashion, self-expression through creativity, and the desire to help people with love, compassion and respect. She is continually inspired by her love of nature, vibrant colors and stylish simplicity. Her fascination with history, the universe and everything vintage are added into the mix to create truly individualistic fashions! As Venus Magazine puts it, "equal parts retro and Asian influences, pH by phillia finds a perfect fashion equilibrium."

pH focuses on creating fashion-forward limited-edition collections and one-of-a-kind special pieces that reflects the aesthetics of her own unique individual style...a harmonious blend of urban-bohemian-retro-asian-space-warrior inspiration. Her mission is to spread the joy of love and light through her clothing and accessories, with hope that she herself and her fun designs will always emit positive energy into the world. Always blending a dash of cute and sexy to her laid-back comfortable vibe, she has tapped into a natural-feeling niche for herself and her beloved customers. Confident, playful elegance with a hint of pHunk....welcome to pH by phillia!

Retailers interested in carrying limited edition pH collections on consignment, please contact for more information.

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